Latest news:   Tropical Cyclone Debbie is forming in the Coral Sea. Watch her form and move on our satellite image animations. Click Here Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017

So far today

Date: 28 March 2017
Max Temp: 27.8°C
Min Temp: 19.6°C
Avg. Temp: 23.2°C
Max Humidity: 93%
Min Humidity: 65%
Avg Humidity: 82.%
Total Rain:
Max Wind: 9.6kts
Mode Wind Dir ENE
Max Air Press: 1013.4hpa
Min Air Press: 1010.4hpa
Avg. Air Press: 1011.7hpa
Max UVIndex: 8.2

Last Year

Date: 28 March 2016
Max Temp:
Min Temp:
Avg. Temp:
Max Humidity:
Min Humidity:
Avg Humidity:
Total Rain:
Max Wind:
Mode Wind Dir
Max Air Press:
Min Air Press:
Avg. Air Press:
Max UVIndex: