Latest news: Spring time in South East Queensland Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020


Live Lightning Strikes in South East Queensland - Map

The live lightning strike map requires and HTML5 browser. If you are unable to view the map, click here for a static version, which updates every minute.

Click on a lightning strike to view more information, or zoom in.

The live light strike map for South East Queensland is not imported from any third party and is generated by OceanViewWeather's Boltek StormTracker lightning detector, which is mounted on the weather equipment mast. The Live Lightning Detector works by detecting the radio signals produced by lightning strikes and these are the same signals you can hear on an regular AM radio during a thunderstorm. StormTracker's direction-finding antenna provides direction information while storm distance is calculated from received signal strength. This data is then plotted onto the map above, together with the type of lightning strike and it's polarity. During intense local storm activity, radio signals from distant lightning strikes may be "drowned out" and may not be shown on the map.

Live Lightning Strikes in South East Queensland - Current Data

The OceanViewWeather live lightning strike map and storm tracker for South East Queensland is a live view of where lightning strikes are occurring in Eastern Australia.
Strikes can only be detected in the ranging circles.