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Current Weather Around Australia - Updated Hourly

Around Australia - Data Courtesy Of The Australian Bureau Of Metrology

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State Capital Cities


  Temp Air Wind Rain
Brisbane 30.9°C 1011.2Hpa 6.0Kts () 0.0mm
Sydney 30.3°C 1012.8Hpa 17.0Kts () 0.0mm
Canberra 38.0°C 1014.3Hpa 14.0Kts () 0.0mm
Melbourne 26.4°C 1013.7Hpa 13.0Kts () 0.0mm
Hobart 19.8°C 1016.9Hpa 11.0Kts () 0.0mm
Adelaide 38.6°C 1010.3Hpa 8.0Kts () 0.0mm
Perth 31.9°C 1009.1Hpa 5.0Kts () 0.0mm
Darwin 28.9°C 1004.0Hpa 7.0Kts () 0.0mm
Hottest Place: Marree, SA 44.4°C
Coldest Place: Mt. Wellington, TAS 10.2°C
Wettest Place: Ngayawili, NT 50.8mm
Windiest Place: Dampier, WA 25.0Kts
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