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OceanView Weather - Instrument and Website Setup


The weather station is an Davis Vantage Pro 2 (Plus) with the instruments located in Ocean View in South East Queensland, and they are approximately 410m (1,345 feet) above mean sea level. The receiver is connected to a local serer, which then uploads the data from the weather station software into a SQL Server database hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) every two minutes and five minutes. Two minute data is stored for one day, however five minute readings are kept for historical reporting and are automatically imported to the main database every hour.

The Webcam, JMA Satellite Receiver and the lightning detector are all connected to the local server and uploaded to AWS. Periodical data imports from various extenal websites, including GFS data, are also carried out on the AWS servers for the compilation of weather forecats and weather charts.

The local server, plus network gadgets, are powered through their own battery backup UPS. A generator is also available to supply power to all of the servers and network equipment in the event of an extended power failure caused by storms or other extreme weather events.

System Diagram


The first data recordings in the historical database occurred on the 2nd August 2016 and the database currently contains 4,070,901 individual weather recordings. Lightning data is not stored in the database.

Hardware / Gadgets

A mixture of hardware is used to make OceanView Weather and this hardware uses the software below to extract and present the data. Please visit their website for product details and copyright / legal information.
Davis Vantage Pro 2 (Plus) Weather Station - Main hardware for the capture of local weather data. Website
Boltek Storm Tracker - Lightning detection hardware used to detect and locate lightning strikes. Website
Agasio A602W - Outdoor wireless IP webcam, sitting on top of the BBQ and pointing to the west. Website
Eaton UPS - Provide power filtering and backup power for all servers. Website

OceanView Weather is almost totally automated and makes use of the following software to collect local data, plus download data from various sources on the Internet. Please visit their website for product details and copyright / legal information.
Microsoft SQL Server (Express) - Main database and data import and transformation software. Website
Sandy Soft's Cumulus - Retrieve data from the Davis Vantage Pro2 (Plus) weather station into text files for import. Website
NexStorm - Lightning detector software to display lightning strike data and calculate storms. Website
NSLog - An excellent little application that 'hooks' into NexStorm and enables data imports. Website
WxSim - Weather forecasting software that downloads data off of the internet, plus my data, and produces forecasts. Website
Digital Atmosphere - Weather charting software used to produce weather charts. Website
WebCamXp - Webcam software for scheduled snapshots and streaming of live webcam video. Website
Open GrADS - Software to process GRIB files and generate weather forecast charts. Website
ImageMagic - Image manipulation software for batch processing. Website